FABI - Bernard Slippers

Head of group: Prof. Bernard Slippers

Research field: Biological Sciences

University: University Of Pretoria - South Africa


Number of students: 8

Group's URL: https://www.fabinet.up.ac.za/index.php/people-profile?profile=904

English speaking

Description: The group studies the molecular ecology and evolution of fungal communities, fungal pathogens and insect pests of plants, especially trees, as well as their symbioses and their natural enemies. Particular focus in the anthropogenic impacts on the outcomes of the interactions between these organisms. These interests are explored within a context of both invasive plant pathogens and pests, and native pests or pathogens expanding their host ranges to attack trees of forestry and agricultural importance. The group research combines information from systematics, biogeography, phylogenetics, population genetics, (meta-) barcoding, (-)genomics, (-)transcriptomics and chemical ecology.

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