Anna Krawczuk Group

Head of group: Anna Krawczuk

Research field: Chemistry

University: Georg-August-Universität Göttingen - Germany


Number of students: 3

Group's URL:

English speaking

Description: The group's primary goal is to find a direct structure-property correlation in solid state materials. They want to understand how molecules self-assemble in a crystalline state and which of the present intermolecular interactions are at the origin of some physical properties, in particular optical and mechanical ones. To achieve these goals they use various experimental and theoretical methods to extract necessary information. They follow synthetic routes and adopt advanced theoretical and experimental charge density techniques within the framework of Quantum Crystallography (QCr) to get a precise insight into potentially functional materials. Such an approach gives us a possibility to identify reproducible structural features, transferable among different systems and, in turn, leads to better understanding of molecular self-assembly processes promoting specific crystal packing and thus prominent material property.

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