Account creation and administration

OnBoard needs to verify your status as a student and your affiliation to a research group/university. Your personal information will solely be used for this purpose. It will never be sold or shared to anyone.

Your student card allows us to verify that you are a student by the time you create a user account on OnBoard. Since other people than students are not allowed to register on OnBoard, this is a very important verification step. It will also be used to check your affiliation to a university. Before uploading your student card, you should blur any information other than your picture, your name, your university, and the current year (for example, you should blur the student number if applicable).

In order to use OnBoard, you will have to give your personal information and upload your student card. Once your data is verified, your account will be created and you will be able to use all services included in OnBoard. If you fail to share your personal data and student card with OnBoard, you will not be allowed to use any service from OnBoard. That’s how it works!

OnBoard will not let you choose your real name or surname in your username. This is an additional measure to protect your personal information and make sure that you stay anonymous when you will rate a research group.

If you delete your user account, all your personal data will be deleted as well. However, the ratings you gave will stay on the website.

Privacy and data protection – Transparency of information

Definition of third parties: Any person external to the OnBoard community (registered students or OnBoard employees) are third parties. Third parties therefore include professors, Principal Investigators, group directors, heads of group, deans, or any other employee of the university other than students).

Your personal information will never be disclosed to third parties. This is our priority that you can rate research groups anonymously so that it will not have any negative impact on your academic career.

No. Your personal information will only appear on your own Board. It cannot be viewed or used by anyone else. Even other users will not have access to your personal information.

We understand this situation as we are PhD students as well. But remaining silent is not a good solution. If you do not feel comfortable with registering on OnBoard but still want to rate your research group, please contact us directly and we will find a solution together. We will be happy to help you and we will never disclose your identity.

Third parties

No. OnBoard is committed to protect the identity of its users and will never accept money or any other kind of payment to disclose personal data of its users.

Third parties cannot view detailed ratings nor rankings. They cannot view any information related to personal data of the users. Some information on the homepage is however accessible to everyone. If eligible, they can create a user account and access all the information provided by OnBoard.

No. Third parties cannot rate research groups. If eligible, they can create a user account and access all the information provided by OnBoard.

You can still contact us directly to tell us why you want to access information provided by OnBoard. Some anonymous data can be provided under certain circumstances. However, the identity of our users will never be disclosed to you.

Group rating

Please do create it! You will be asked to provide a little bit more information to create the group page. If possible, add a picture of the group (license-free or of your own).

You need to log in and access the group page. On the group page, you will be asked to give a note from 1 to 10 for various criteria. Please respond honestly and then submit your rating.

Once your rating is submitted, the implemented algorithm will include it to the previously submitted ratings and automatically refresh the global rating and the detailed ratings for each category. You may have to refresh the page in order to see it.

For now, it is not possible to write comments on the page of a research group. But we are working on it ! You can still use the Board to write a comment and/or ask a comment to the OnBoard community.

No. OnBoard will not remove research groups from the website.

In our today’s world, English is omnipresent, especially in academia and higher education. While using English, we hope that everyone on OnBoard can easily understand and share information.

Ranking system

Based on the ratings, the research groups will automatically be ranked from best to worst group.

Other questions

If you could not find an answer, please contact us!