About us

Our mission

Together, we challenge the structural asymmetry of power between universities and students. We want to restore the balance through information.

And one day, we envision empowered students to make their own challenging decisions knowingly during their academic journey and beyond.

About OnBoard

OnBoard is a collaborative online platform to rate research groups and universities based on student-oriented criteria.

While privately held companies actively promote workplace transparency and flat hierarchy, the academic world remains self-governed and ruled by internal politics. The impact on students are highly underestimated and neglected. Yet students are the very reason for the academia to exist. Students are paying fees to public institutions and dedicating their time to research groups. What do they receive in exchange of their investment ? Are they able to find a suitable job after their academic journey ?

OnBoard, designed by students for students, aims to peacefully restore the balance between universities and students through anonymous transfer of high-quality information.

In the long-term, it will empower students through high-quality information to recover their freedom. It will offer a growing database of research groups reviews, based on work-life balance, PI’s approval, scientific quality and more. Combined with an alternative university ranking and with the latest open PhD positions, scholarships and selected jobs listings, OnBoard will deliver high-quality information to students to accompany them all along their academic journey. Unlike other websites, all the shared information will be provided by those who know the research group or the university best, the students themselves. In turn, junior students will learn from experienced students, while job seekers will be more informed about jobs fitting with their academic skills.

We will be able to achieve these challenging goals only with your help and collaboration on a large scale. Please support us by sharing as honestly and exhaustively as possible your own experience in a research group!

Thank you!

More about the OnBoard concept

We believe that high-quality information is the key to freedom.

Freedom of speech: we believe that you have the right to share your academic experience without interference.

Freedom of anonymity: we believe that you have the right to remain anonymous.

Freedom of access to information: we believe that you have the right to access alternative information sources provided by your peers instead of your bosses.

Freedom of choice: we believe that you have the right to knowingly make your own career choices (choose an internship, a PhD group, a job)

Our values

We are transparent. We are honest and open. We share the information, bad or good, so that we can continuously enable more and more people to use their rights to freedom of choice.

We are respectful. We rightfully express our opinions with integrity, respect and humanity for one another.

We are innovative. We challenge and diversify existing information channels. We seek to shape new and meaningful ways to spread high-quality information.

We are a team. We are fair, inclusive and humble, as well as resilient, determined and confident. We forge together for our lost freedom right. We develop a mighty tool through uniting our efforts to support each other.

How it all started?

We are a group of PhD students. We initiated the idea of OnBoard in 2019 based on our own experience in our research fields. We then launched OnBoard in 2020. Because some of us are still in the middle of their PhD, we wish to remain anonymous for the present. But we will tell you more as soon as everyone has defended her PhD thesis!